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Graduate Papers Usher - free essay sample

Graduate Papers Usher

Studio Maestro - yeah my anxiety like I'm touchin silly when I do a kiss boy awesome to me to give I like you the game d-dad baby I think I'm like you my buddy you I ain't gotta tell you what to do I like you forgive me I like DeeDee baby dad he just wants to be head over heels in love right in front of you I wanna build this love everything you own put up booth at boot up til you put a jump and only true you look at me pull down go down Budda Budda famiiy batteries baby for me I like you I like you thank you fuck ppso bracelet and your necklace of bitches have Nicky you soap me shopping wish you give me Becky tell me I stopped my spot you caught about you just tell me to thank you baby I love you sorry baby baby the way you working there do this every baby I gotta say that pussy is great I'm filling away baby tell me about song and goodnight you can just tell me thank you brag to your friends you've never been here be found they BL are you we celebrate and I love you've been doing them squash you're as tight as a glove I like it nobody fucking with us I got the me PI but you supply me the drug doctor key indigestion beep ability intake abilities low and eye color purple like Danny Glover silly Versace you better than me or the buckle the silky God took his time cos got there you pretty and I just really wanna hold you I'm gonna make you say like a No Limit soldier poster some things we never yeah Casino vacation on private islands notify my Bo Margiela the Pico possibility freedos counting all these zeros they like what the fuck is the scene oh yeah Clearwater look like my chain cameras flashing paparazzi yeah they look like the same 3m on my deck you can't see the same motivated I'm recording in lane but I'm looking for you you pretty brown eyes think Rolex faces bottles in them go cases it's ridiculous with your body your nigger particular that booty is big enough she moving I pick it up knowing nigga singing we gonna make some Motown babies under nigga change the weather wanna come out at this women baby we can do something and I guess in a way yeah some things I met her backstage at a tennis show she said I got a reputation I'm that nigga though she trying to play hard to get but I forget it though she said she ain't that type of girl she's sending pictures though she getting naked on a snap cuz it disappeared I seen that pussy for a second I say bring it ahead see the weight and I'm gonna fuck you you ain't never did I'm gonna fuck you everywhere baby I never scared are you prepared to sit in the club with dogs I'm hoping you there cuz honor we got is trust you got friends they don't fuck with me like so on return I don't fuck with a right back I couldn't fuck one I could have fucked to them but I'm only fucking you what you're going through now you man texting they're all caps like I just didn't put my kids on your back ain't that a backwards crop Percy drops at school but no plants from your honor you can get the backstroke dinosaur baby you know baby girl while petty tell your holes on a dream I forget T and don't gas them without get T kiddie one jet see pennies in the wet Pete give them know what arrived the step six legs this set Chanel boy bag bitches like FML you indicate my own game only respect them hoes that old man over yonder slice the nut I ain't got no competition so my prices up I'm the heavyweight champ Mike Tyson up bitch Hey shame is the man she was to manage I'm making a mango me watch to be mad i'ma give you as you like oh yeah I'm a kid too right oh you ready tell awaits keep check girl I know you ready a knee got a check you do the worst let me show you the best you know imma get you right boys oh look what you two started o manna why you gotta make some naughty Oh you don't wanna never had oh you're all the Crowder's you lead them both fellas in a pension good but I could give you better I'll have you think about forever oh look what you started why you got a nerdy Oh spending the night when we leave this party you mean I feel lucky when we leave this party you love me put your heads in here he left inside you know you wanna see me naked naked naked I wanna be a vapor phase are very bit spinning in as much as like he came from a thing like over sit on the brow then again I just a cambiar of you I'm julissa turning down another cuz I can in to say that I'm Wow Wow Wow when I was sure what I get is watched us Wow when I was young I liked it you notice oh cheese butter bag chitty-chitty baby get it things are s cuz you drove eater like the 68 Jets damn is another with a rock oh it should be damn is that nothing when I'm shining which just keep it white or black as if I'm his sister I'm to have to hop around town I hitch Wow Wow Wow when I was sure what I get is why when I was on crazy yeah you talking to me like a little baby okay you're talking like you try and do things not a party gotta run unless you say baby you made me drown in it Oh Touche baby I'm carrying a water Bobby Boucher baby you know I'm sorry like I'm tasting I see why you got it on safety right away don't Brown honey I probably shouldn't be around you look it's not that you won't do what you want bigger less when I talked to told you when I was you all I get is watched us Wow Wow lalala lalala BHA BHT Allah Allah Allah Allah missa missa me i should be on bad girls don't swallow it bitch she wears red bottle Champa shingles - Alan onward to the Dali Lama he know my fashion killer - John Galliano he kept an eye Valentino you know telling me no - easy on get wins with that happen another good year we don't give limbs with that fencing game though we don't get mixed bananas relationships for that okay just two years nice time's up let's watch you throw a shot my stuff I'm in that shower you read form with the brown good LeBron I love right CREB this is this is my life is dying go crazy you owe me a happy child fucking with them Holly yeah how'd you get in easier each other I wanted night talk another freaky shit ain't trying to get her out that's how it supposed to be yeah a follow-through yeah whoa all my niggas clouds coming I'm not a mother Nagle and it pops the bank bull the house girl for me I know chicks a big they have got to take your phone to city I don't need a house exposing me ain't another nigga colored it's me and another nigga code it's made holders me living like a movie pretty woman in love cause he don't way she kissing another friend she even like man my nigga she could be trying to chill son can you block it you play one day was the greatest presidents well who gives a fuck they said he say hey judge and they say the booty like groceries every time I go down go down like sheesh all my niggas clouds to me I'm not a mother Nagle and it bounced back I was called for me it's a bit like house me fuck you bring that buddy my way get off my Oh by the shoes behind it one hand up like the Heisman first bring that body my way take it off my bad oh oh tight when you too I'm gonna duck in the fly at least bring a bunny keep watch Tom get your tip bring that buddy Oh I wasn't born last night I know these hoes ain't right but you was going on my phone last machine my ring another ring on last night you know what going up the by Molly Emma she wanna do drug smoke quit she wanna see it nigga trap she wanna fuck with a Bigfoot keep a bitch the oven is clarity giving this bitch with your man girl money wanna see you dance just Kyrie Jeffrey took a broke nigga bitch I make a broke bitch friends but I'll fuck about me and you're nothing may God forgive my trains got bigger so my chains got bigger for proper jack switching Foley's with the top down screaming now money ain't a thang ESCP in the big winner I sent the back home so you could laze wid okay let's talk about this ice that I'm carrying all these cameras like I'm a fucking major tell me yes shot down Weezy F key parental when Rose bro black holes on deck she knows I gotta check do it so she brought that dick man I would trust that bitch nope in CyberKnife it's nigga don't you want you baby are you but it won't be I can't even see what's going on right now but the Tennessee is so strong right now I don't even care if I'm wrong right now I can't even see what's going on right now right now I don't even care right now Hey you wanna lonely mommy see if I can I'm thinking we can do this Oh I wasn't born last night I know these hoes ain't right but she was going up her phone last night machine have a ringin off her ring on last night Oh nigga that's bad nerve might give a bitch your heart when she read to have a purse fuck your bitch an inch when she rather have nine you know how the game goes she be mine by halftime I'm the shit Oh nigga has that nerve you all about her and she all about her fermenting in this bitch no flamingos and everyday because I just wanna fuck him I never loved him a customer when we done on the ee Ferragamo the but oh he Louie be on a double the pussy weather then puddles I buy the stick like the shuttle I said real niggas like real bitches come first and real bitches in bad bitches from birth piston when he come in make me more money last year to mr. Drummond pull up to the party party Jews all of my body can tell me now bitches over there I've got a budget homie no checkout bans on me no stop bitches over there niggas ain't got a budget homie no check our pants on me I'm the one you better know what when you leave then let's try to get jewelry in your knees baby but you .

Will hit the homies next week bitches overhead hey economy more tangent in important engine see looking for that important penis in the job yeah you come under your senses can you come in to you you come into your senses yeah you come into your senses just so you know everything trauma you whacking this before you know Venus blowing me up I can't go nowhere without a shirt up chicken I told my hands from the jump but ever since then you're me you trippin won't be all alone trippin war me lonely already don't you start it why you worried it's just me and the homeys high like the money arm leg with the ending cost by bob marley reef and the glove .

Will pop me lean surf coffin I'm dead nigga Kaufman this bitch crazy ain't no taxi trying to charge a few hickeys got a liquor take you sticky fuck wit me pawn double shots of the Hindi what's wrong with me 5150 pussy pretty I caught a shot but you found this bitch bows down only got one Niner town I don't catch feelings I just break it down like a drive-through I'm merely now 28 for my new shoes I keep it all away that's a cool read like a cruise ship and your girl I love my cruise ship a afterparty my hotel pilot my stairwell of a bad chick who don't kiss me she said she loved me I'm like Oh don't look rich ain't got no chain not on the list I ain't got no name but we name and I keep it Ben Franklin I'm not gonna change Jews in the squad she tryna to be 2 meters away in a song she don't make New Zealander humming music oh God I told her I would let us eat up the blood you think out of the crowd put them up walk down and me sitting up it in my engine and it lit up like some cloudy desert you drop-dead gorgeous you made me wanna live it excuse Oh shit I have a ma Oh over dozen Oh Hey Oh if reason graduated fresh whole cup fresh shot he's got a traffic jam girl this is me they took me back he took me back get away from you take your time like the question fire she only loved me cussin dangerous that boom-booms I'm like angel dust gal let me hold ya put me things all around you make me be like I kill a poem like a war yeah get up on that can I get in by Oh uncle it's my body you gotta be going crazy Tamia Tamia put your you got me going crazy gave me Hey I got a question yeah you got about Bobby to say try to sell your head if you say I'm on your mind you'll need this one more time you now I want you you owe me try and find out a Wiccan Jill goodbye when I got done with you girl get down got you think about making pots were be honest but I just wanna hit me top pile of shit so I'm around you think we only want to fight you money yes buddy and it's walking back time now that you've got about Bobby's try to sell your hands do it if you say I'm on your mind you .

Will need a long time bro we're not do what you believe no you know I can't you if you really gotta take the big tell Polly's me causing me nobody right now - it got you think about making puns I swear be honest ladies wanna hit me top while so I'm gonna make a brown oh shit maybe I won't you pull your money and it's funny and as well came back time to have you let about ball bitches try to tell us why you're mine Oh who is that text on your phone just a friend just a friend okay my intuition never lies there's nothing you can never hide already got the screenshot so there is no need to deny you've been creeping and freaking is leaking like you never lose me steady claiming that everyone know we together but just get throughs swear I get now ever losing I've been out here being faithful I always got this on lock the home but then it may keep in a stable so I guess I know what I gotta to give you a taste of your old man yeah yeah how would you like it if I do the things you're too but you won't do my disturbing little tiny poop I'm a rattle crazy and I have a clue in the everything that loves a kill Paula Brian I'm a FaceTime drive I'm a tech Lorenzo I'm alia quiet don't get it twisted I can play this game too old same you same you yeah you don't like it are you telling me that I shall fight while you be out here playing a victim when I ain't no one .

Will be crying why this shit up I can't take it I won't revenge I can't fake it wanna see the look on your face when I drop my clothing I give me cash not for you but for him huh doesn't make it feel how could you blame me when the love I gave was real I even took you back you still had no cheer while you wait don't never play with fire you get burned I don't think you'll understand it you ever heard yeah so I guess I know what I gotta do give you a taste of your own medicine yeah how would you like it if I do things you're told Janey's right I'm crazy and you never have a close reaping that you know I'm a big-time brown I'm a tech florenzo Emily crying don't get it twisted I can play this game too hello the same you lose ain't you yeah all of those tears I cry I can't count the lonely night time enzyme again I try I turn into a savage boy don't ask me why ask me why I know sometimes she'd do it for fun hey why you always takes all akale no I gotta wake up in the morning you love it I've been hiding a little bit Samara why you always take so long to call me know I gotta wake up in the morning you're not a second up to a minute there's no us we can be someone else I'm counting them up I'll be counting them up we can be that the cleco room but the clack around the loves best one Bell from the crown to your heart I am bound with the class or room put the class we always do no I gotta wake up in the morning I'm counting I said Oh and they .

Will stop back into the car Oh welcome to the contacts get you know stop it shaking it off when she owned chica she got you got it while any shout see you for six a my mama's so fat she got the whole squad sweats I can fit out later than them geez what's a question day that is wanna buy let me buy your drink drink Youngblood baby I reached reaches to the finer things neck blankets playing wedding ring I fled my lights Nicky rich but she got a ride like dig him up I take trips with the break she got she got it phantom up the Nichols lame man love mama I got the game plan so this rim also make it heaven whoa whoa she got it she got it she then she bad she bad then she did this 15 by 5 hazel eyes and bone you this shit maybe Nikolas type and still I just wanna pull yeah I'll freaky shit she'll feel he a big deal I'm a young Mouse girl let me up great yeah she's the worker I can't work out what's the feeling Swiss I know she got it cuz she looking at me like she bought it wallet she dropping November one of those some meat on it whatever hey stop it - sneaking it always she only g-got see I guess she looking at me like she wanted it she chopping over every one of those some beads on it whatever stop it is speaking or was she older she she got after national none of us know much I've gotta say we run these blacks the edge I don't know but I believe there's something cement to fear and then to make it better I know I never thought that respond to but you saw go side that test we don't your heart and it's a George this is mine when all the lead inside sir that destiny until you we dock your heart and if I would to say yes together we are the very man I know that I ain't you and I give you my Jane you.


Metropolitan College of New York - a boy what just before he does I just wanted to measure something to kind of business a long long time I recognizes our walk to walk in come on he walked in his eyes were green thanks Ted stop dog good afternoon my name is Dominic animal oh i'm also a 10 pack for Corey Marvin crispy-ghee later on so you please the wings Gilman if you can spare me a few lasts be great my guess it is and I just want to say before into the speech darn you look absolutely amazing there are spies and when I down to business I'll go right over 13 years now I when we met down cow album it was a new carry on the blog soon fitted group a few of these which was looking ladies just be terrorizing people was no seriously very good burnsville disgrace firefight football play taken to unusual fish sauce you still scared ails ya darlin and whenever I insignia is when we're going up what's a church it does anyone wanna wear against reinstall church it jack that's right right could not stop church what did you hope so i just want to take this opportunity for you ryan to start on the spell church see ya Urca Kidal remaining balances also whenever I was growing up he was using to Boxxy another one time I broke the ice guy from my school down for a fire right local fine count cap on it must be about 20 people watching his neighbor's gym so if you can picture the same as plant 20s or the liver like a small group and basically the gym is big guy Ryan first round when often to aspiring nothing major set your outside again if you would punch it with nothing shower about then when a knockout in the third was it jailer was he crying I just need a show of attitude if you think he was Jamie yeah he's found you're going to go commando if you think he was riding punch back babe a strange round yeah it was wrong and he was right not about the food grain in the survival to cook knows is playing in Jamie Rahn 0 for Monday and you write IOUs I'm going to be Maya either so the next money is definitely to this notice i'm a bit mischievous and out of the clouds and is actually coming up with a few screams so Ryan hey listen Judy solely based on that fruit funny honey have you taken some of you somebody was about six of seven Oh gracious no time use my robot I'm already today okay mmm let's move on let's move on after Catwoman be writing so I went separate ways freak employees the Bible to college to art school to college in University it wasn't until .

Will in a come on it's only after to do and I decided I'd have enough for graphics prefer i just wanted to change i want to move too late so since arriving on the sundance and i'll be fast moving too early you again so think about on sunday decided to move but firstly the same week would actually be replaced with new we moved in I've always spend a team or somebody really good time we won yeah yeah probably first a team also a bit of a blur I as I say we open those you probably paid of women okay all kinds but i only get the major addiction it was a terrible addiction is evidence of stitches I usually you surviving kilo correct code is very welcome take ye stuff sausage for breakfast lunch and dinner most of all about to stone it's in boxes it's a yes enough away it's looking good after about two years in our in that first one we decided to great and went to another driver said earlier we move to a bigger bigger flat knees as you click on with the party apps and we saw some awesome guys probably over your people attended we .

Will review some five pounds it is great we are in ocean on a really good time this is like disco dog cable see if you got a purely ya think is about five o'clock in the morning and the link turbine took a shine to dot the more happy just kept going on about Canadian girl come on either nobody and the money's take out the trick God number from somewhere I don't know where I don't know why do I promise yeah so I think after about two weeks by sheer persistence rang to actually go today we go and first name with two trios excitedly like if I can cocktail but I think Orion's .

Will you know a couple of cocktails from that off the big several differ a new ride was falling for dog went out to bar you from using his phone or musical I mean I chocolate if you don't know I can take it for money nights really are basically so long do something about you meet Matt it was like I texting dorm and really going to 10 minutes say i love you baby crazy um so yeah got party girls taking before yeah if you know I just like a pet them anything you know later song said you are they those guys in experiment is going about it it's probably the worst gambler in the world I've got saved by a dog he's probably made the best buddies right oh so I campaign to erase all those people go ya think finger i would agree you would say I'm your great filler she needs a really good awesome you've got you've got good form yeah he travel well hopefully you stay the distance we ride I just wanna say ride a dog over 70 seven years now bitter cocoa and then you gotta hop joy to be back and everybody in the room and then I just want this 12 is a class it soaks the most important people in the room which are.


Purchase College - before dip Loki came a superstar DJ started his own label Mad Decent and teamed up with Skrillex to form Jack you the Grammy goes to where are you now screaming Justin babe before his bad boy attitude landed him some personal time with hottie superstar mi a and later Katy Perry before Diplo garnered the title DJ of the Year by Spin Magazine in 2005 and worked on projects with the advert Britney Spears Madonna Shakira Beyonce no doubt Justin Bieber Usher Snoop Dogg and even Chris Brown what is some key hand gestures that you do festival eyes like a good one to do is like this like right right like I'm God like I'm gone before Diplo would model for fashion designer Alexander Wang before he was the face behind the blackberry torch ad campaign that aired during the Super Bowl and he did it all just for a free phone the blackberry torch makes it simple because I'm always staying in touch with everybody Thomas West pence grew up in South Florida and worked in a bait shop with his dad with the dream of one day becoming a paleontologist but his proximity to the Miami music scene exposed him to another passion and he enjoyed traveling the world in search of music rather than study an old dinosaur bones it took him some time to find his audience working a bunch of brand of gigs while he moonlit as a DJ building a loyal fan base his electric taste was soon noticed by London rapper m.i.a whom he would later enter into a long-term relationship with together and with the help of DJ switch the three rose to fame in 2005 with her track paper planes which earned for them a Grammy nomination and from there well the man has had his head in some of the most popular hits of the last decade what's going on guys my name's Michael cretin documenting the life and career of Diplo fries been here for you on before they're famous though you guys requested this video and billboard they decided to share my before they're famous I made on deadmau5 so yeah it appears we're doing something right let me know as always the comments down below you want me to document next I could make booty songs stuff I'm a fan Thomas West or Wesley pence was born on November 10th 1978 in Tupelo Mississippi the son of barbara Jean and Thomas pets he is of German and English descent although he lived in a few different cities in the south he mainly grew up in South Florida and less than his youth and his father's bait shop yeah he was fixated on manatees alligators and dinosaurs with the hopes of becoming a paleontologist now after a first Jurassic Park film came out there wasn't a whole lot of boys who were thinking the exact same thing I know I was you are alive when they stopped to eat you so you know try to show a little respect however he wound up pursuing an education in film studies starting at a couple Florida colleges but soon got the travel bug and moved temporarily to Japan he had been constructing his own sound for some time and decided to send out a demo tape of his beat concoctions to .

Will ashen founder of UK independent hip hop label big data records .

Will was impressed and silenced the label so Wes he relocated them to Philadelphia and finished up his undergraduate degree there at Temple University now this was back in 2003 and with all this going on he also made time for a little love oh you had an experience had a girl from the dirty belly button once and she was and I just never touching her belly by neck all this dirt came out from underneath this top of the belly button he's now most commonly known as Diplo but at the time he used the number of variations including Wes gulley West Diplo and Diplo dosis yeah a name inspired by his love of dinosaurs I told you to support themselves during an after graduation West took on a few different jobs in Philadelphia it was a social worker he worked as an after-school mentor a movie theater employee he was also a school teacher and then he moonlit as a gig by gig DJ being between jobs he was barely able to pay the rent and the frustration well it was stunting his musical development soon he and another DJ in a similar situation DJ low budget well they pooled their resources to start up their own club nights in Philadelphia which they branded huller products it simply began as a fun night of genre warping dance music but it grew into an underground subculture drying out crowds from all over the East Coast third read it gave them complete control of what they were able to play during their gigs and under the Haller chronic moniker Diplo and budget released the highly praised never scared mixtape it was listed as one of the New York Times top albums of 2003 the following year big data he released Diplo solo debut album Florida his unrelenting work ethic produced a considerable number of acclaimed mix CDs and soon as success allowed for him to take the next big step to becoming a world-class producer Diplo built a mausoleum a video studio recording studio record label office gallery and event space in Philadelphia since its inception the mausoleum has become the home to recording artists like Christina Aguilera Shakira mi a black star and paper route gangstas by now Diplo was taking his sound to venues all over the world and during one of his shows at fabric Club in London he was approached by artist mi a she had heard one of his singles and thought he was right up her alley despite him being a white dude from Florida and her being a Sri Lankan girl from England while their music Direction was freakishly similar so they decided they had to collaborate together these two would make some incredible sounds truly remarkable stuff almost as good as Ross Geller's Raptor impression in 2004 the two made piracy funds terrorism vol 1 a mixtape that introduced mi a outside of UK borders the New York Times called it the album of the year and the - well they rose to fame the two naturally became romantically involved and Diplo went on tour with mi a you as her DJ through her diplomat london-based DJ switch and together they created the grammy-nominated track paper planes that song it peaked at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and what a fantastic fucking track every time I hear it I make like shotgun motions also is in pineapple express it kind of made the movie thug life but then all of a sudden Fame caused the rift between the two lovebirds as m.i.a accused Diplo of presenting her and trying to hold her back they split up after five years of being together although him in MI a .

Will they were done with Diplo maintained a good relationship with DJ switch remember fellas it's bros before hoes bros before hos why because you're bros are always there for you they have got your back after your hoe rips your heart out the two then began traveling the world stop it for some time in jamaica to record a new conceptual project they titled Major Lazer not only do they mix together the country's local sounds with their biggest artists they also conceptualized a fictional character complete with a ridiculous and elaborate backstory the major was a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in a zombie war and he was rescued by the US military who gave him lasers as prosthetic limbs his cover is that of a dancehall nightclub owner from Trinidad and he enlisted the help of longtime alleys and producers Diplo and switch of course now this sounds pretty dope to me I mean these boys they are creative geniuses but for this idea huh I feel like they should have given some credit at least for that Jamaican but this outlandish idea and their first album working as Major Lazer titled guns don't kill people lasers do well it was a hit Major Lazer would continue to find an unbelievable amount of success their track lean on became the most played song on Spotify and the music video has brought in over 1.3 billion views and that's not even on VEVO so big props to them well they kept it independent and they're still killing it since Major Lazer .

Will Diplo has also formed Jackie with fellow superstar Skrillex together they would get their hands on two Grammys of 2016 and on top of this .

Will he also fathered two sons with baby mama Catherine Lockhart and I know there's a lot of ladies who were mega fans of Diplo so that's why I placed that at the end I didn't want to break your heart too early and I wanted you to watch the video and since then like it was like ten girls the next day and I was like a hundred girls the next day and then it was just like every week as for the rest of the story well you know the story because this is before they're famous my name is Michael Crabbe next shake my personal channel I do alter the stubby BIOS on here I've done a few DJ's in the past including Skrillex and deadmau5 looked up just the Bieber I've done Beyonce I've done a whole lot of people I haven't done mi f you guys want to see that or anyone let me know in the comments down below see you guys in another video well how about them dinosaur references those are my fave Oh.

Fort Saskatchewan:

SUNY Empire State College (The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies) - Kito several hours later the exorcism of Tom Dubois have made no recognizable progress if the nigga still in him as long as he's black and brief he's gotten there guy is wrong with you Yui you were charted associate you gonna beat the man's brains and what you gonna say to the cops sorry officer we killed the nigga cuz he had an evil spirit ghost its name can you just tell me what I'm supposed to do so I can go to bed I can't believe you haven't figure this shit out say peace peace peace stinkmeaner's you hate black people don't you and ruckus you a black people too I wouldn't exactly call them people but yeah yes I have a deed death tape for Negro right right and Stinkmeaner update you hate rap music if you can call that old standing buddha gorilla noise Thank You Buddha head I must say that's a brilliant observation Mena choice that got nigga moment cannot be resolved in violence or where there's harmony and peace what what oh you tricked me nigga Monique maddoxes what are you doing here another nigga successfully exercised and or beaten I'll send you an invoice robber just do not you .

Will fix my damn house you .

Will have another demon it'll be my foot up your ass why am I in Riley's bed you know that's a real good question why are you in my B all the beds in his house and I got the possessed nigga in my bed exists a bitch some old bullshit.


Ithaca College - what the fuck is this it costs make a real quick home those are worth treatment yo what's happening man what's over good question though you won't happen uh maybe Pat herpes mine too nah nah bro would fool shit why would you ask that no no no no it's nothing wrong with me anything I was done just wondering like maybe maybe a herpes you know I don't have that you hi Pete uh sure question-it you drink off my cup after I told you not to drink off my shit I don't want to stay was so hard for you to say did you or did he not take off my coat sniff you give me what well these don't get a million dollars.

Oklahoma City:

College of New Rochelle (School of New Resources) - hey there I'm camper putter for that smiter team at the 2019 comic-con for the premiere of the boys on Amazon next week and I'm here today with Jessie uh sure aka train hi so a train huh tell me about your character in the boys my character is a super athlete I mean he's a superhero but you know he's an athlete first he's a speedster fastest man in the world and he .

Will do any and everything that it takes to make sure that he stays the fastest man in the world that sounds like some drama might ensue I like it from the trailer it's a very action-packed series which is gonna be a lot of fun do you have a favorite part and maybe a favorite episode favorite seeing that you'll shot yeah honestly like as much action as my character goes through that some of the deeper softer moments were the best I think for me you know cuz there's a lot of physical stuff that my character does you know a lot of us kind of just run and jump like that kind of thing was running guns sorta sort of speak but when you finally get a chance to like dial it down and like really dig into the depth of the character and figure out you know why he is the way that he is and what drives him and what bothers him those type of things became really interesting you know and something that I didn't see coming even knowing the comics Eric put a nice a nice twist on on the character and just digging into who he is on the inside and you know who he wants to be versus really actually is it was interesting I look forward to seeing you know what what's the driving force behind him and the series looks great so I don't take much more of your time but thank you so much you.

Otterburn Park:

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